The Planning and Transport Committee is consulted by Rother District Council (the planning authority) on any application that falls within the Battle Town Council area, including Netherfield and Telham. The Town Council will make a representation to the planning authority, and may object to an application if there are material considerations to take into account. The final planning decision rests with the planning authority.

Members of the public who may be affected by a planning application may also make a representation to the planning authority, outlining the reasons as to why they object to the proposal. These reasons should be for material considerations, and the list below may help in determining what is considered a material consideration.

Representations should last no longer than 10 minutes and the Town Clerk should be notified of an intention to speak.

Material considerations must be genuine planning considerations, i.e. they must be related to the development and use of land in the public interest.

Material planning considerations DO include the following:

  • Battle Civil Parish Neighbourhood Plan, the Battle CP Design Guidelines, and The High Weald Housing Design Guide
  • Rother Local  Plan Core Strategy & Rother District Local Plan 2006
  • Local Supplementary Planning Documents produced by the local planning authority
  • The Government’s National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and National Planning Practice Guidance (PPG)
  • Effects on Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas and the High Weald AONB
  • The environmental qualities of the surrounding area – character of a street and the amenity or privacy of dwellings
  • Road safety, access, car parking, traffic generation & other public services eg drainage
  • The size, layout, siting and design of the development
  • Loss of light and overshadowing
  • Overlooking or loss of privacy
  • Loss of trees
  • Noise, disturbance, smells
  • Disabled access
  • Case law and previous planning decisions
  • Consideration of what could, otherwise, be undertaken as ‘permitted development’ without the need for a specific permission

Material planning considerations DO NOT include the following:

    • Applications made retrospectively
    • Trade Objections
    • Moral Objections
    • Loss of views
    • Impact on property values
    • Ownership
    • Covenants
    • Personal arguments
    • Impact at the time of construction
    • Matters covered by other legislation
Action Plan for Planning & Transport Committee 2022-2023PT-ACTION-PLAN-FOR-2022-2023.pdfFile size: [136.61 KB] Planning & Transport Committee - Terms of Reference 2022PT-Terms-of-Reference-2022.pdfFile size: [193.13 KB] Battle CP Design Guidelines (Version 4)Battle-CP-Design-Guidelines_20211129.pdfFile size: [4.23 MB] List of new Road Names for Battle Civil ParishNew-road-names-for-Battle-CPa.pdfFile size: [340.25 KB]

Meetings are held at  7.30 pm on the second Tuesday of each month.

All documents dated pre – April 2019 are available upon request. Please email or call 01424772210.

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Following further advice this meeting is cancelled due to the mourning period for the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.
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