The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a tax that local authorities charge on most new developments in their area.

At present Battle Town Council receives 15% of the CIL for developments taking place within the Parish of Battle (local CIL), with Rother District Council receiving the remaining 85% (strategic CIL). The funding is used to support infrastructure improvements, including social infrastructure, that the local community will benefit from. This gives the Town Council more influence for locally popular projects if it is able to fund them using Local CIL money. As no other bodies, e.g. the County Council, receive CIL money, they could approach the Town Council to fund local improvements, such as an additional pavement or a pedestrian crossing.

The referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan took place in September 2021, with the plan being adopted by RDC in October 2021.  This means that developments which receive  Planning Permission after that date will qualify for 25% CIL.  Applications received before that date receive 15%.

Battle Town Council has set up a Working Group to develop a CIL Policy for prioritising projects and allocating Local CIL funds. There are already infrastructure projects within the Council’s published plans e.g. the reduction of traffic through Battle to decrease pollution and congestion; the replacement of the pavilion at the Rec and improvements to footpaths. The BCPNP includes an extensive list of community aspirations, including: to monitor for adequate recreational facilities; the provision of a part-time GP surgery and health facilities in Netherfield; and to improve public transport. These projects could be delivered with assistance from the CIL funding.

The Council Plan and the Standing Committees’ Action Plans can be found on the Council’s website. The community aspirations are detailed in Section 7 of the BCPNP Submission Plan visit

Call for Need – Your Recommendations:

The Council is now asking residents of Battle Civil Parish to put forward any additional ideas of how they think the Local CIL money could be best spent to serve the community.

Battle Town Council will consider all suggestions that are feasible, are popular within the community and that it believes will benefit residents within the Parish.

If you would like to make a recommendation, please fill in the form below. Residents are able to make as many recommendations as they would like – if you are using the form below, please continue on a separate sheet if necessary.

Residents recommendations for CIL projects

Please fill in your recommendations for projects that you would like to see undertaken using the funds received from the Community Infrastructure Levy


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