From June 2023 the Environment Committee has been retitled Estates Committee, areas of responsibility remain unchanged.

The Estates Committee’s Objectives are to:

  1. Ensure as far as is practicable that the town provides an attractive environment for those living and working in it and for visitors to it.
  2. Provide the best practicable services to those dependant on the Council in respect of the allotments and cemetery.
  3. Develop and regularly review a 3 year strategic plan for the estate and, in particular, a maintenance regime to ensure that the estate is kept in a good and safe state of repair.

The Committee has responsibility for the town’s allotments, the cemetery, the recreation grounds at North Trade Road and Telham, street furniture and lighting, Mansers Shaw, Guild Shaw, the pre-school land, George Meadow and Upper Stumbletts.

It also manages the Amenity Field adjacent to Battle & Langton School (leased from East Sussex County Council), St Mary’s churchyard (which is closed to further burials, so the maintenance has been transferred to the local authority), Abbey Green (by agreement with English Heritage) and other areas under licence from the Highway Authority, such as the oak tree area by the Fire Station.

As for all Council Committees, there is an Action Plan that details the short, medium and long term plans. Additionally, there is an Estate Management Programme that details the care and maintenance of every area of the Council’s estate.

Environment Committee Terms of Reference 2022Environment-Terms-of-Reference-2022.pdfFile size: [182.56 KB] Action Plan for Environment Committee 2022-2023Environment-Action-Plan-2022-23_v20220531.pdfFile size: [166.79 KB] Environment Committee Risk Assessment 2022Environment-Risk-Asessment-2022.pdfFile size: [33.00 KB] Estate Management Programme - February 2023Estate-Management-Programme-February-2023-2.pdfFile size: [238.89 KB]

Meetings are held at  7.30 pm on the first Tuesday of alternate months.

All documents dated pre – April 2019 are available upon request. Please email or call 01424772210.

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