Community Litter Picks are organised to take place in the autumn and in the spring.

The next Community Clean Up date is anticipated to be in the Schools’ Autumn half-term break on Saturday 2 November.

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Community Litter Pick Success Highlights Battle’s Unity and Environmental Concerns – March 2024

Battle came together under sunny skies on 16 March 2024 for a community-wide litter pick, as part of Keep Britain Tidy’s, annual Great British Spring Clean initiative. The community clean up showcased the power of unity and environmental consciousness. Spearheaded by Battle Town Council with crucial support from the staff at the Pavilion’s Kiosk, the event saw over 50 members of the community volunteering their time and effort to clean up various areas across the town.

Spirits were high as volunteers, including Councillors Sue Burton, Vikki Cook and Chelsey Sprong divided into 25 groups and fanned out across designated zones. From Marley Lane to Station Approach, Market Square to Claverham, participants covered extensive ground, uncovering an array of litter along the way.

Among the most remarkable findings was a family’s discovery of a shopping trolley and three discarded tyres in Mansers Shaw. A noteworthy contribution was an unearthed gas canister, a metal drawer, and a hub cap. Such findings underscore the pressing need for community-wide action to combat irresponsible waste disposal practices.

The collected litter paints a troubling picture of modern-day pollution, with bottles, cans, coffee cups, crisp packets, sweet wrappers, and vape paraphernalia among the debris. The prevalence of deliberate littering such as coffee cups and vapes stuffed in hedgerows, as observed on multiple occasions by participants, highlights the importance of instilling a sense of environmental responsibility, particularly among the youth.

In response to this concern, there are plans to involve Battle Town Council’s Youth Forum in addressing littering behaviours among students. Assemblies at local schools, including Battle & Langton and Claverham Community College will focus on educating young people about their role in conscientious waste disposal.

The success of the litter pick was evident not only in the volume of rubbish collected but also in the community’s enthusiasm and engagement. Families, couples, individuals, school groups, and members of organisations like Girlguiding rallied together, demonstrating a shared commitment to preserving the town’s beauty and cleanliness.

As the event drew to a close, with 35 bags of litter, along with the tyres and other items, ready for collection by Biffa, the sense of accomplishment was palpable. Gratitude was extended to all who participated, with special thanks to the Pavilion’s Kiosk for providing refreshments and to Councillor Sprong for returning the found shopping trolley.

Cllr Vikki Cook said “It’s more than just cleaning up litter; it’s about fostering a sense of community pride and responsibility, promoting environmental awareness, and inspiring collective action towards a common goal. By coming together for initiatives like the community litter pick, residents not only contribute to a cleaner environment but also strengthen social bonds, instil values of stewardship in younger generations, and create a positive impact that extends beyond the physical cleanup. In essence, it’s a testament to the power of unity and shared purpose in building a better and more sustainable future for all.”

Looking ahead, organisers are optimistic about the town’s future events, including the upcoming Big Easter celebration on 3 April which will highlight the need for support for the Pavilion Project and residents are reminded to attend the Parish Assembly on Wednesday 17 April. Both events promise to further strengthen community bonds and promote environmental caretaking.

The success of the community litter pick serves as a reminder that by working together, we can create a cleaner, more sustainable future for Battle. The next Community Clean Up date is anticipated to be in the Schools’ Autumn half-term break on Saturday 2 November.