A full complement is 13 Councillors representing the 4 wards – Watch Oak (6 Members); Marley (4 Members); Netherfield (2 Members) and Telham (1 Member).

There are currently 13 Councillors.

We serve a population of just over 6000, of which over 5000 are electors. Our function is to serve those who live and work in the Town Council area. The Council is controlled by Acts of Parliament and we can only do what we have been given a specific power to do by Statute. Specifically we have a wide range of direct responsibilities for matters such as allotments, street lighting, recreation areas and the cemetery. In addition we comment on services provided by many other statutory agencies and organisations including the County and District Councils. In particular we comment on all planning applications and related matters within the Town Council area.

Members of the public elect our Councillors every 4 years and they work as a corporate body making decisions for the benefit of the community. The Clerk implements these decisions and provides independent, objective and professional advice, information and administrative support.

We hold Council meetings on the third Tuesday of each month. Dates, times and venues of these meetings are advertised on several notice boards throughout the town and on the Council’s website. Members of the public are most welcome to attend and speak to Members about any issues during the public session or just sit and listen.

Each year we estimate the net running costs of the Council’s activities and set a budget. The bulk of this is normally funded through the local element of the Council Tax known as the precept. All expenditure incurred by the Council is properly recorded and audited each year. We keep our local community informed of our activities by publishing an annual report, and a quarterly newsletter which is distributed widely via local shops, Battle Train Station or at The Almonry.