Road Name Suggestions

People representing a range of Battle groups have generated a pool of suitable road names in readiness for times when the Town Council is asked for suggestions or wishes to offer alternative names to those put forward by developers.

Several developments of varying sizes are planned within the parish, all needing road names. Although suggestions from developers are invited and considered, the final decision resides with Rother District Council (RDC).  However, RDC attaches considerable importance to the views of Parish and Town Councils.

RDC favours road names that have a proven historical connection to the land and that preference is given to names that reflect local natural history or the nature of the terrain.  Proposals relating to a person’s name need to have a historical connection or be for a commemorative purpose.

Four local themes were agreed and then suggestions for names were collated for each theme:

Features: Windmill; Tannery; Tower; (River) Brede; (River) Line; Shaw

Connections: St Valery sur Somme

Flora and Fauna: Campion; Centaury; Cleavers; Loosestrife; Mullein, Saxifrage; Twayblade; Willowherb; Woodruff; Blackthorn; Elm; Hawthorn; Hornbeam; Oak; Rowan; Nightingale; Nightjar; Woodcock; Badger; Dormouse; Pipistrelle.

People: Eliza Acton; Violet Akehurst; Duchess of Cleveland; Edward Cresy; William Frankland; Thomas Pilcher; Lewis Pyke; Sir Francis Ronalds; Samuel Sanders Teulon; Augustus Webster.

There have already been additional ideas. If you have further suggestions, please send them to the Council, but bear in mind that road names should be meaningful and people need to understand where the names come from.

Road Name Suggestions