Battle, Netherfield and Telham Community Resilience Plan

What is Community Resilience?

In a large emergency, the residents of Battle, Netherfield and Telham can help themselves in a way that complements the emergency services. There are many ways in which you would make a difference, and we are asking volunteers to come forward so that we are prepared for any situation.

What type of emergency might that be?

Anything where community members would make a difference. Perhaps a lost child or vulnerable adult, a pandemic, loss of utilities, or any situation where the availability of emergency services is reduced. The community’s efforts may also be valuable in restoring normality once an emergency has passed.

What can I do?

  • Become the team coordinator, who is the focal point for the community in response to
    an incident.
  • Train to be a team member, working closely with the team coordinator to activate the
    support of the community.
  • Become a general volunteer. We are hoping that hundreds of people will come forward to do this. Mainly this would be looking after the welfare of people, for example: cooking a meal for someone; putting someone up for the night; assisting at an emergency centre; joining a search party; knocking on doors in an evacuation situation, contacting people in a flu epidemic. If you have special skills, access to tools or transport then please let us know.

What do I do next?

Please fill in this form below. Printed versions are available in the Battle Town Council office.
Your details will be held securely and will only be accessible by the coordinator and their team members, and solely for use in an emergency situation.

More information can be found here from the Sussex Resilience Forum