A meeting was held with Rother District Council in February 2021 to discuss a proposal for electric vehicle charging points in RDC carparks.  The proposal is in its very early stage, but we fully support such an initiative.

EV chargers will ideally be located off-street and in car parks considered suitable, meeting the minimum requirement of 20 parking spaces.  Consideration is being given to Mount St, Upper Market and Lower Market.

Discussions are due to take place with English Heritage and Southern Rail.  EV chargers in Netherfield would be delivered as part of any new housing developments as there is no car park.

Do you own an Electric Vehicle?

In order to move forward with this joint venture, we have to establish how many owners of electric vehicles live in the parish:

If you own an electric vehicle please let the Council know how many electric vehicles (EVs) your household owns and if they are dual fuel cars, are they used as EVs?

Electric Vehicle Survey

If you own an electric vehicle please fill in the below form and let us know more about your Electric Vehicle?


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