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Questions regarding the Visa application process.

Updated Visa information for Ukrainian guests and hosts this was supplied by Frances McKenna,

The two key routes to obtaining free visas are Homes for Ukraine or the Ukraine Family Visa Scheme which are being given priority by the Home Office.  People must register with the Homes for Ukraine to get visas for the refugees they wish to support/sponsor. No one can enter without a visa. The only other visa routes which are available are regular visitor visas, work or study visas which have a cost and are not prioritised.  If you know of anyone who has managed to get families or individuals out via other visa routes, we’d be interested to hear. At present, there is no information about retrospective applications to the Homes for Ukraine scheme for such circumstances but the guidance is being updated all the time in response to circumstances so that may change.

 We do understand the frustration with the delays on the scheme. We are told that once the visa application has reached a caseworker, it takes no more than 2 days. 32k visas have now been granted but we understand that 20k are still being processed and there are concerns about some glitches in the system for some applicants. MPs are constantly lobbying for the process to be ironed out and sped up so we can help get people out. We are taking up individual cases with the Home Office where people are asking for updates.

 We have also asked for clarification on the translation of supporting documents.  Within the visa application form process it does state that supporting documents must be translated and certified. However, the government guidance does not reflect this. The answer we received when Huw put the question to the Permanent Secretary at the Home Office is as follows:

 “Customers are encouraged to provide translations [into English] of their documents to assist with processing their application as quickly as possible. However, if a customer cannot provide translations of their documents, they can continue to apply for the Ukraine Schemes and should provide as much information as they can about their circumstances and send in untranslated documents anyway if they can. Information and guidance is constantly being updated on our website due to the nature of the situation, however, sometimes there might be delays and not all information is updated on a timely user friendly manner for which we apologise. I have made management aware of this issue.”

 I know this was an issue of concern for sponsors and volunteers helping Ukrainians complete the visa forms. It would be good if this could get fed back via the RVA to anyone who may be involved in supporting visa applications.

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