Your Guide to the Annual Parish Assembly

What is the Annual Parish Meeting? Imagine a gathering where your local council gives a year’s worth of accomplishments and updates and the bottom line. That’s the Annual Parish Assembly! This is a chance for you, the community, to be part of the conversation.

Who’s Invited? Everyone! Electors, public, press – all are invited to listen to reports from the Chairman, District & County Councillors.

We Want Your Ideas! We’re not just reporting; your view can turn this assembly into a truly engaging and productive event. Whether you’re a veteran resident or have just moved into town, your ideas matter.

What Ideas Are We After? We would like awesome future agenda items for Council to consider. Your concerns matter. What topics would you want raised at future assemblies: What projects would you like councillors to consider developing?

Inclusive Vibes! How do we make everyone feel at home? Please share your ideas on making the Assembly diverse and welcoming.

Effective Communication? We want everyone to hear about the Assembly so please tell us about communication channels that work for you.

Send Us Your Brilliance! To share your genius ideas, send an email to and mark your calendar for Wednesday, April 17th at 7pm – at Battle Memorial Hall.

Thank You, Battle Community! You’re the heartbeat of Battle, and together, let’s make the Parish Assembly a resounding success. Your ideas will turn it into an enriching experience for all.

See you there!