To Sussex lovers, dwellers, business owners and personalities of the region!

Roses South (a Brighton based TV production company) are making a brand-new five-part series, celebrating the very best of Sussex, featuring the most iconic and loved locations and stories from across the county. It has the working title: ‘Sussex:  Jewel of the South Coast’ and will be filmed this summer with the expectation to air early 2025 at 8pm on Channel 5 to an estimated 1 million viewers.

They are looking for aspirational and fascinating stories from the region, stories of the land, the sea and those with cultural and historical importance. They’d like to meet traditional businesses with heritage that are unique to Sussex, together with quirky or warm-hearted characters who would feel comfortable on camera. they will be following around 20 different stories in total, all with humour and a gentle tone. The approach is observational, following people at work, delivering a ‘slice of life’ that explores why Sussex is such a rich, fascinating and unique place.

Applicants are to try to give as much colour and story to their idea for a featured item as possible. Why your business?…  What is it’s special Sussex USP. Why this particular character?

‘Sussex:  Jewel of the South Coast’ will shoot across August and September and filming each item will take 1-2 days, with a discreet and compact crew of 3-4 people. We envisage the series will boost tourism as it has done for ‘Malta: Jewel of the Mediterranean‘ and  ‘The Isle of Wight: Jewel of the South‘.

This could be a wonderful publicity tool for the people and places of Sussex that take part and we do hope you can help us make it happen.