The Almonry Garden is open and free to enter

The Almonry Garden is the perfect complement to a busy day’s sightseeing in Battle especially in the heat. Please tell your guests and visitors and come see for yourself.

Surrounding the Battle Museum of Local History and the Almonry House itself, the award-winning gardens are an oasis of tranquillity – the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of the busy High Street. There’s plenty of shade to be found in the garden. You can also discover more of Battle’s heritage and history through its walking trails and picking up a leaflet from the Tourist Information Point in the Almonry. The Sculpture trail is not only a great way to discover site-specific art, but it also leads you along paths, gardens and to secret corners of the town that you may otherwise miss.

Picture: Elliott Brotherton’s hand-carved, stone orb in the Almonry Garden, displays intricately carved oak leaves, acorns and flowers along with local orchids, butterflies and bees. Perhaps most poignant is the Battle motto inscription ‘Per Bellum Patria’ meaning, ‘through war a nation’ – a reminder of the town’s historical significance and the enduring impact of the events that occurred here.