Statement of Support for Judicial Review

Battle Town Council fully supports our resident (acting on behalf of the “Residents Against Unauthorised Development in Netherfield” group) in his legal challenge against Rother District Council’s planning decision in regards to application RR/2022/2791/P.

It is imperative that all citizens, including our residents, have confidence in the proper procedures and transparency of decision-making processes made by both town and district councils. Unfortunately, in this instance, it appears that due process was not followed, and a planning decision has been made which both overrides the initial decision of the Town Council to object to the original planning application, and which is contrary to the Made Battle Civil Parish Neighbourhood Plan.

By supporting our resident in this challenge, we strongly support the importance of upholding the principles of fair treatment, impartiality, and adherence to established procedures, rules and regulations, not just for the benefit of those directly involved but for the integrity of our entire community.

Battle Town Council remains dedicated to safeguarding the interests of our residents ensuring that the values we hold dear are preserved, and we are able to continue fostering trust, accountability and wellbeing in our community.

Carol Harris, Town Clerk

5 December 2023