Southern Trains Passenger assistance is now available only 2 hours before travel

From today, passengers can book assistance only 2 hours before travel

We know that some passengers may need more time or extra help when travelling with us. From today we’re making it easier for them to get assistance by shortening the booking time to 2 hours before travel.

“In the drive to win back customers we aim to make our services open to all and people can book assistance with us at any time on their journey if needed”, explains Passenger Service Co-ordinator Team Leader, Ryan Aldridge.

“However, to make sure we have staff available, we do ask that they give us some advance notice if possible.”

Booking window has come reduced from 12 hours since 2021

“This booking window has been reducing across the industry over the last two years. It went from 12 hours down to six in 2021 and now it’s come down again to 2 hours. This is great for anyone that needs help as it makes it much more convenient for them to travel by train.”