Rural Verges as Wildlife Corridors – Trial of Early Season Reduction in Rural Grass Cutting

Battle is taking taking part in the Rural Trial this year. If needed, information about the trial can be found on our website.

Safety & Visibility

Throughout the trial safety issues will remain a priority, with any visibility or access issues being picked up and rectified through the usual process.

If you see a problem, you can report it as usual through your Customer Service Manager or on the East Sussex Highways website.

We would like your Feedback

The point of a trial is to allow us to understand the impact this change could have if rolled out wider, so your feedback is very important to us and we welcome both positive and negative comments.

We would like to know things such as:

  • What you saw in the verges
  • What your residents were saying to you
  • If you would take part again
  • If there is something that could be done better
  • Anything you think would be good for us to know

The online feedback form will be open throughout the trial, so please feel free to share it with your residents. The responses from this form will be reviewed once the trial has finished.

Feedback will be reviewed along with any operational issues encountered, costs and an overview of the flora and fauna observed in the verges during the trial.