Annual Report and Parish Assembly – 17 April 2024 – We Want Your Ideas!

In preparation for the upcoming Battle Parish Assembly, every household should now have a copy of the Council’s 2023/24 Annual Report. Please let us know if you haven’t.

Alongside details about the Town Council’s endeavours, the Report extends a warm invitation to residents for the Parish Assembly on 17 April. Chairman Vikki Cook expressed, “We believe that the Annual Report, coupled with the Parish Assembly, offers valuable insights and a platform for residents to address matters close to their hearts. The Parish Assembly isn’t limited to town council affairs; it’s an opportunity to discuss any issue impacting our community.”

To ensure we can manage the meeting effectively residents are encouraged to provide advance notice of their intended points to the Town Clerk via or by calling 01424 772210.

Mark your calendars for the Assembly, set to take place at the Battle Memorial Hall next week on 17 April, starting with refreshments at 7pm, for a 7.30pm start. Be part of the conversation!

Find your copy of the newsletter online here:

Or, an audio recording of the annual report can be found here: