Netherfield Road: Update from the Clancy Group

Netherfield Road: Update from the Clancy Group

Please see below a brief update from the Clancy Group on the progress of works at Netherfield.

180mm rising main installation:

We have pieced up the pipe from the Horizontal Directional Drilling works and backfilled all the launch and reception pits on the access track to Netherfield WTW.

We have also completed finishing works in washout chambers WO01 & WO02.

The new rising main has been installed up to Uckham Lane (CH5370). A total of 4,965 metres have been installed to date.

The rest of the rising main in Darvel Down will be completed during the summer school holidays.


Week commencing 10th June 2024

We will be laying the rising main into Netherfield WTW between CH040 to CH000 via open cut method.

We will be completing the finishing works to washout chambers WO03 & WO04 along Netherfield Road.


Please see the below the diagram showing the section of the road where we are working.