Netherfield Road: Update from the Clancy Group

Update from the Clancy Group:

Please see below a brief update on the progress of our works at Netherfield.

180mm rising main installation:

We have installed 95 metres of the new rising main this week up to CH5255 (Total of 4,650 metres has now been installed to date).

Reinstatement is complete up to CH5235 bringing the site up together.

Netherfield Road is fully open – there are two sets of Clancy works along Netherfield Road, but these are South East Water works and not to do with our works.

We opened Virgins Lane for over the easter holidays, and it will be shut again on Tuesday 2 April – AM.


Week commencing 1 April 2024

Next week 2-way traffic lights and road closure will be set up at the junction of Virgins Lane and Whatlington Road.

There is 115 metres of pipe to be installed up to the Junction of Uckham Lane, ready for the gravity section and connection to the existing network at a later date, once the whole pipeline has been tested.

Please see the below diagram showing the section of road where we are working.