Council Receives a Heart-warming Gift in Unexpected Turn of Events

In a lovely turn of events, the Council recently found itself on the receiving end of a heart-warming gesture from a play equipment company. What started as an inconvenience turned into a tale of generosity, as the company, eager to make amends, gifted the community a brand new Buddy Bench.

While supplying Community Lottery funded toddler play equipment for the town, the company inadvertently inconvenienced the Council by blocking access to one of its buildings. Rather than causing frustration, the company chose to turn the situation around by offering the town a Buddy Bench as a token of apology.

A ‘Buddy Bench’ serves as a means to encourage friendship and inclusivity among children. The concept behind the bench is simple yet impactful – it provides a designated space for children who may be feeling lonely or in need of a friend. When a child sits on the bench, it signals to others that they are open to making new connections and forming bonds.

Town Clerk, Carol Harris, expressed gratitude for the unexpected gift, stating, “It’s heartening to see a company not only acknowledge their mistake but also take steps to make amends in such a meaningful way.”

Children already enjoying the recent new additions to the play area on the Recreation Ground and hopefully parents and carers will see the additional piece as a wonderful opportunity to teach their children about kindness and inclusivity. The Buddy Bench has been installed alongside the Battle Health Pathway close to playgrounds at the Recreation Ground, providing youngsters of all ages a visible reminder of the importance of reaching out to others.