Beautiful Battle, blooming

Beautiful Battle (BB) was formed in 2004 and works in close cooperation with Battle Town Council.

BB has 14 regular volunteer gardeners and many more who volunteer when they can. BB manages the Almonry Gardens, Market Square, the Library Bed, the Silver Jubilee Bed, the Diamond Jubilee Garden, the Twitten, Abbey Green, Abbey Court and tubs, containers, barrier baskets and hanging baskets throughout the town.

June Update

Around 2000 plug plants were potted on at Uckham Lane Nurseries of which half were planted out at the end of May. BB also supports the Council’s scheme for window boxes in front of shops on the High Street. BB has planted these up with Impatiens. BB volunteer gardeners have planted out all the containers and tubs throughout Battle. The main challenge will be watering as we now have sunny weather and a northerly wind that is drying out the containers quickly. Lamppost baskets have been prepared at Uckham Lane Nurseries ready for hanging in the town. Battle Cubs have planted their bed by the fire station with yellow and red Bidens to represent the Cub’s gardening badge.

The Almonry and Gardens

BB is in the process of bringing the Almonry Gardens back to its former glory after the recent renovation work. The beds in the front garden have been weeded, plants and shrubs cut back and manure spread to revitalise the soil. It is hoped that this garden will be in full bloom for the South & South East in Bloom Competition in July. All new plants have been labelled to inform interested visitors (and judges!). Pebbles have been spread on the thyme line and a rockery created in front of the Judas tree. The Council have provided a dipping tank and BB have built a cover for safety and to prevent wild life drowning.

Although the rear garden is closed to the public for the time being as essential works take place, work in the garden progresses. New compost bins have been built, ivy cleared, and trees/large shrubs cut back along the lower wall. Beds have also been weeded and the pond cleared. Currently the upper terrace is slowly being weeded and any viable roses moved to the bed behind the box balls. Benches are being moved off the paths to allow visitors to view the gardens and allow free flow along the paths. A BB volunteer has kindly donated paving stones to support the benches. A new bed will be created along the upper terrace and will be planted with Nepeta, Salvia, Erygium and Boscobel roses.

Market Square

This area is owned by Rother District Council and managed by Jempsons. BB volunteers look after and plant the containers and flowers beds there. BB arranges for the grass bank to be mowed periodically.

Scouts, Cubs and Beavers

BB has allocated a bed in front of the fire station for the cubs, beavers and scouts. BB has worked with their leaders to create floral displays representing their gardening badges. The first badge was the scout logo last year. This spring BB planted bulbs and the scouts created the badges’ watering can. This summer, another gardening badge will be planted out by the cubs from plants grown on by BB at Uckham Lane Nurseries.

Coming up

On 6th July 2023, the judges for South & South East in Bloom will visit Battle. Unlike other towns, where major planting is carried out just prior to judging, BB plants for continuous display throughout the year. This means that not all plants are in flower when the judges visit. BB has increased the amount of perennial planting to save on the number of plug plants being ordered each year. BB would like to install a notice board to inform visitors of the main plants in flower that week.

In August/September 2023, BB’s plant committee will meet to choose plants and bulbs for 2024. Whilst this seems a long way in advance, plug plants have to be ordered up to one year in advance to secure delivery, as all the major garden centres are ordering from the same suppliers at the same time.

Battle Town Council Representation

The Council is represented on the BB committee by Cllr Darren Buss. The next BB Committee meeting is on 28th June 2023.

Further Information

BB maintains a website that is updated each month. The website is