Battle’s Scarecrow Festival

Did you know that originally farming communities used to ask their children to chase away birds to protect their crops? After the great plague in 1348,there weren’t enough children to carry out this service. Instead, they stuffed straw into figures made from wood and other similar materials and placed these in fields against poles.

Today, many communities organise Scarecrows Festivals to continue this rural tradition; showing off their skills by creating scarecrows from whatever materials they can find, and displaying them outside their homes and on the streets. Scarecrow festivals generally happen in the warmer months and this year Battle’s is being held in July. Whilst this is a much loved, local event, many Tourists enjoy visiting and judging the scarecrows residents have made. Being outdoors and family-orientated means these events are dog-friendly too.

We hope you will be inspired to enter the competition, or simply enjoy the festival with friends and family. For further information please visit Battle Festival’s website or email