Art at the Almonry – Nature Now; what Next – Exhibition at the Almonry, until 30 June

We are delighted to welcome Kate Chapman, Amanda Prouten, Rebecca Lea Williams and Phillippa Egerton to the Almonry. Please come and see this group exhibition before it closes next week.

Philippa Egerton is a contemporary artist known for her evocative and thought-provoking works that often address environmental themes. Her pieces typically explore the impacts of climate change and human activity on nature. These artworks are a follow on from the Climate Change Exhibition held in May, at St Mary’s Church and this time she is showing miniaturised versions of the print paintings. They are all about Climate Change – what is happening, contributory man made activities, and future possible outcomes both good and terrible. The exhibition held at St Mary’s contributed to the establishment of the Battle Community Eco Action group for which Phillippa designed the logo.

This exhibition also includes three other artists involvement with aspects of nature.

Illustrator and printmaker, Rebecca Lea Williams is showing a selection of her rewilding series, exploring the ecology of the Kent coast surrounding Dungeness. Through her own exploration of the unique ‘end-of-the-world’ landscape, she has created multi layered heavily textured screen prints that reflect the unique shapes and colours of nature that can thrive in this quite hostile environment. In this series, taking inspiration from Derek Jarman’s iconic garden in the shadow of Dungeness Nuclear Power Station and the stark natural beauty of Dungeness’s protected reserve, Rebecca is exploring the theme of nature’s creeping hold over the most hostile environments and its return to barren land that our industries have left behind.