Netherfield Road: Update from the Clancy Group

Please see below a brief update from the Clancy Group on the progress of works at Netherfield.

180mm rising main installation:

The new rising main has been installed up to Uckham Lane (CH5370). A total of 4,765 metres have been installed to date and we will restart laying the rest of the rising main in Darvel Down during the summer school holidays.

Netherfield Road is closed for the washout and air valve construction works, we have finished the construction of washout chambers (WO01, WO02, & WO03) and air valve chamber (AV03)

Week commencing 20th May 2024

We will be constructing the air valve chambers (AV02 & AV04) and completing 1st time reinstatement works to AV03, WO03.

Please see the below the diagram showing the section of the road where we are working.

Battle in Bloom 2024 – get your garden ready!

Battle Town Council is excited to announce Battle in Bloom 2024!

For gardening enthusiasts, the ‘Battle in Bloom’ competition – now open for entries – provides an opportunity for residents to showcase their talents and compete for awards and trophies. Whether it’s meticulously tended residential gardens or bountiful floral displays adorning local businesses, the competition celebrates the dedication of Battle’s green-fingered enthusiasts.

Entry forms are available online here or can be collected in person at the Almonry. Judging will take place during the first week of July and all participants are invited to a summer Award Evening at the Almonry on 18 July, where we’ll celebrate your efforts.

We welcome entries in various categories, including Best Front Garden, Best Back Garden, and Best Wildlife Garden, among others. Submit your entry forms by Friday 21 June and mark your calendars for the judging period from 1 July to 5 July.

Join us and let your creativity bloom!

No Mow May – Wondering what all the buzz is about?

No Mow May is underway, and residents are urged to embrace biodiversity by letting their lawns flourish. No Mow May isn’t just about letting your grass reach new heights; it’s a powerful statement in favour of biodiversity. By allowing grasses and wildflowers to grow freely, individuals contribute to the increase of pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and other essential insects. These tiny but vital creatures play a significant role in maintaining healthy ecosystems, aiding in plant reproduction and ensuring a balanced food chain. A wilder lawn not only attracts diverse wildlife but also enhances soil health, reduces water consumption, and mitigates the need for harmful chemical treatments. Moreover, No Mow May encourages environmental stewardship, as neighbours come together to embrace the beauty of natural landscapes and share tips for sustainable gardening practices.

Remember it’s Battle’s Big Green Day on Saturday!

Battle Festival 12th – 28th July – Mark your calendar!

Battle Festival is a celebration of arts and music right here in Battle – it’s a beloved cultural highlight, showcasing the talents of internationally acclaimed artists and bringing with it a vibrant, family-friendly atmosphere to the town. From captivating performances to engaging workshops, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

To ensure that Battle Festival continues to thrive and enriches our community for years to come, the Festival needs YOUR support to keep the magic alive. Whether it’s lending a helping hand, contributing financially, or booking tickets, every bit counts. Save the date and see you there!

Community Cinema Film Screening: Typist Artist Pirate King

Starring a wonderful cast of British actresses and directed by Carol Morley

Reminder: Battle’s Big Green Day, Saturday 18 May at St Mary’s Church

The inaugural Battle’s BIG GREEN DAY is happening at St. Mary’s Church, Battle this coming Saturday, 18 May between 10.30am and 4pm.
Attendees can peruse stalls selling an array of eco-friendly goods, from art to recycled furniture and household items. Enlightening talks will take place throughout the day, including wellness walks, forest bathing sessions. There will also be a café offering coffee and cake and an exhibition of climate change artwork by the esteemed artist Phillippa Egerton in the St. Catherine’s Chapel. All residents, their friends and family, are invited to partake in this enriching experience.

Royal British Legion are looking for Volunteers in Battle

Save the Date: Battle’s Big Green Day, Saturday 18 May at St Mary’s Church

Battle Community Eco Action Group are delighted to announce the inaugural Battle’s BIG GREEN DAY happening at St. Mary’s Church, Battle on 18 May between 10.30am and 4pm.
  • Battle’s BIG GREEN DAY is the first initiative to be delivered by Battle Community Eco Action which aims to raise awareness of all things eco happening in and around Battle.
  • Opened by the Bishop of Lewes, the day will feature stalls in the church promoting local green initiatives such as Wild About Battle, community composting and Young Pollinators and selling goods such as art, recycled furniture, clothing and household items.
  • There will be a series of talks throughout the day, activities such as wellness walks and forest bathing, a raffle and cafe selling coffee and cake.
  • Alongside these will be the climate change artwork series exhibited in the St. Catherine’s Chapel by artist Phillippa Egerton.
  • We hope you can join us and bring your friends and family too.