National Hedgerow Week (NHW) Monday 6 May – Sunday 12 May 2024

Update from the Tree Council:

We are delighted to announce the fourth National Hedgerow Week (NHW) Monday 6 May – Sunday 12 May 2024.

Hedgerows are amazing, and they are even more amazing when connected with other hedgerows! Our British landscape is shaped by thousands of miles of hedge; providing wildlife with a sheltered and bountiful highway network; protecting agriculture, whether livestock or crops; creating living boundaries in our towns and cities; and bringing greenery, capturing carbon, and delivering more than a little beauty to our rail lines and roadsides.

But they need our help! While the government’s Environmental Improvement Plan has set ambitious targets to create 45,000 miles of new or restored hedgerow by 2050, there is still a long way to go. This year, we are also thinking about the mighty hedgerow tree – our research suggests the population is getting older, while the spectre of ash dieback looms large. But they are another crucial part of our landscape heritage; so next time you think hedgerow, think hedgerow tree as well!

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