Did you know? April tends to be the busiest month of the year for gardeners

This is because the warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours accelerate plant growth and encourages a burst of activity in the garden. Gardeners often focus on tasks such as potting on, planting new flowers and vegetables, weeding, mulching, and preparing their gardens for the summer ahead.

On behalf of Battle Town Council and the entire community, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to Beautiful Battle for their hard work in making our town more beautiful: Your dedication even during the busiest time for gardeners, is truly commendable.

With a team of 20 dedicated volunteers, Beautiful Battle’s efforts in planting and maintaining gardens across Battle have made a lasting impact. From the Almonry Garden to Chequers Corner and beyond, their work adds to the beauty of our town, enhancing its character. Supported by the Council and local sponsors, Beautiful Battle’s voluntary contributions showcase the spirit of community collaboration.

We encourage everyone to explore the gardens tended by Beautiful Battle: The Almonry Garden, Market Square, Diamond Jubilee Garden, Silver Jubilee Garden, Library Bed, Abbey Court, Abbey Green, Chequers Corner, Powdermill Corner, and Station Approach (in addition to the hanging baskets and containers down the High Street) and to consider joining their cause. Your support helps ensure their mission continues to thrive, and new volunteers are always welcomed. Thank you, Beautiful Battle, for your commitment and contributions to our community!